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I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act — Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft

Business Development and Marketing

Business development representatives are the closest to customers and their individual needs, they are also the one driving such market intelligence and customers’ requirements back to the organization. Marketing must focus on data analysis and create the right content for the market and the current customers. The two are expected to work in close synergy to maximise business, organization and customers results.


Internationalization is the process of enterprises to increase their presence in international markets.
The "go to market" strategy is crucial. A direct strategy allows building a direct and strong link with the end user, however the initial investment and run costs might be prohibitive.
Building a network of resellers is a good indirect alternative as the initial investment is low and run costs transferred to the reseller

Product Management

Sometimes firms miss a person with an overview of the product cycle:
the Products Manager (PM).
Is it a product that the market like and want? Does it cost too much to manufacture? Does require special materials or process? Are new more innovative products available? Are we selling high, low? By answering these and many other questions the PM can understand and drive the best products for the organization and its customers.

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A Little About Me

My great capacity is to identify myself with the business and promptly build relationship with the company stakeholders. I also like to focus on the activities I enjoy most and that have been the key foundations for the business experience and knowledge accumulated over the years

Company Strategy
Business Development
flexible display product development


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MS Office
Data Analysis, Presentations, Official Documentation 96%
Social Media Pre Analysis, Platforms 72%
Web Design, Set Up and Emailing 75%
Business Languages
English, Italian 95%

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As a business consultant, my personal commitment is to provide and advise company managers the best solution available for the company to succeed. Clients can count on candor, integrity and discretion in any business they are involved in

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Thanks to his professionalism, kindness, and capacity to support upwards and downwards their organizations, Customers in our global business recognize Riccardo as a very trustworthy partner, which has given him access to Sr. leaders and high-level decision makers.
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